About Us

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Who are we?

We are a team dedicated to developing a sense of community and accountability for self and others.  Through interactive workshops, we strive to enhance teamwork, professional readiness, compassion, self-care, resiliency, and suicide intervention skills.  We empower the participants with tools and techniques that are easy to apply and proven effective in developing team cohesion within organizations of various sizes.


Our mission is to boost the morale and productivity in your organizations through the enhancement of self-help, respect, empathy, teamwork and accountability among its members to maximize their performance.

Why Us?

In average trainings presenters use PowerPoint slides and national statistics (pie charts, graphs, etc..) as a crutch to their presentations, usually making participants feel like they are in a classroom lecture being fed information without the chance to process. At ABSoulute Life our workshops are centered around humanity, community and the individual need of the participants to create a healthy and productive environment in the workplace and their lives. For example: If I’d tell you that suicides in the U.S. have decreased from 44,193 in 2015 to 38,200 in 2017, would that undeniably positive decrease matter to you if one of those 38,200 is a co-worker? A friend? A family member?  Probably not.  Statistics wouldn’t matter much to you, and they don’t matter much to us, what matters is reaching each person that comes to our workshops and helping them realize THEIR OWN power and responsibility to self, family, colleagues, organization and community. 

All our workshops are interactive.  Instead of lecturing, we guide participants to explore their values, ask questions, find answers, give and receive constructive feedback, hold themselves and each other accountable, ultimately developing cohesion within the group.

Miguel Sierra
Chief Executive Officer

Miguel leads a Suicide Prevention workshop for military and civilian personnel in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Miguel leads a Suicide Prevention workshop for military and civilian personnel in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.