Through adversity.

Through pain.

Through struggles.

Through experience.

Through heartache.

Through bad decisions.

Through good decisions.

Through self-doubt.

Through defeat.

Through your past.

Through your fears.

Be humble.

Be the reason someone smiles.

Be forgiving.

Be loving.

Be willing to work hard.

Be the example.

Be kind.

Be strong.

Be honest…with yourself.

Be honest with others.

Avoid complacency.

Avoid stagnation.

Avoid victim stances.

Avoid toxic people.

Avoid giving up.

Avoid staying down.

Embrace your mistakes.

Embrace your emotions.

Embrace your journey.

Embrace who you are.

Embrace who you want to be.


Push through it all.

If you love them, tell them.

Raise your kids, not your partner.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Ask for help.

Write a poem.

Learn to forgive (yourself included).


Don’t lie.

If you can, help.

If you apologize, mean it.


Know when to set aside your pride.

If you miss them, call them.

Trust yourself.

Wake up early.

Read a book or ten.

Believe in yourself.

Listen to Wu-Tang.

Appreciate the small things.

Give back.

Pay it forward.


Respect your body.

Watch comedies.

Prioritize your emotional stability.

Trust someone.

Make a child smile… every day.

Make your days purposeful.

No one needs to understand your journey but you.

Enjoy the journey.

Never stop moving forward.

Appreciate your story.

Never stop moving forward.