“Miguel is very passionate about preventing suicide. He takes his classes very seriously, compared to most other instructors I’ve had in the Army. His passion for educating people on this topic helped me grasp it more and was key when I had to intervene in real life situations with my Soldiers, and for that I am thankful.”

Cory Glasgow, Army Veteran

"My son had gathered the strength to reach out to let me know that he was feeling very sad and depressed about some disappointments he had recently been experiencing. Being his mother, I wanted to approach his concerns correctly and not out of fear. I reached out to Miguel, who I knew as a servicemen had been working in the field and speaking out for depression and suicide intervention and prevention. Just one conversation with Miguel and I knew that I had made the right decision. Miguel was able to give me tips on how to start the conversation with my son, how to truly listen to his concerns and how best to validate his feelings and encourage growth. He also offered his time to speak with him privately. He met my son at his level and where he is at in his life with compassion, interest, humor and care.

I am beyond appreciative and grateful for Miguel’s service to our country as well as his continued service to his countrymen through AbSoulute Life. I highly recommend his kind-hearted and holistic approach to helping individuals no matter their age as well as an organizations reach their potential in this life."

Concerned Mother

“Calm, companionate, competent, caring, and charismatic are a few words that come to mind when I think of Miguel Sierra.  For two years, I had the privilege of observing Miguel as the lead mental health care specialist for my suicide prevention program. I can attest that he is highly knowledgeable and an authority on suicide and suicide prevention. Miguel is level-headed under pressure as evidenced by his ability to defuse stressful, chaotic and dramatic situations. His well versed in mental health care, counseling, screening, and care for high-risk individuals.”

YR Summons, Ph.D.